You sow wind, you reap whirlwind

For four full years, the opposition, very few in number but voluble in noise, accompanied with hysteric laughter of Soorpanaka kind, made it impossible for our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi aka Sri NaMo to run the affairs of the State from both Houses of the Parliament. Yet, he manfully tolerated this fish-market like ambience, and gave the country the best possible administration in its entire 71 year independent history. He could have easily managed the show through joint sessions of both the Houses. But he didn’t. He had already made up his plans like a Champion Chess Grandmaster. He gave the Opposition a long rope and they rolled it around them to their own peril. Sri NaMo out-thought all the criminal elements and beat them in their own game.

The opposition never had anything of substance to shout against in all these four years as Sri NaMo gave spotless, corruption free rule. And one scam after another of the previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh skilled in taking shower with raincoat on, kept surfacing day after day: Bofors, 2G, 3G, CG, TG, CWG, AW, NH etc. In order to carpet down these scams they tried their best to drown them in cacophony. But they couldn’t. Public already has a measure of their loot and that should pay dividends in 2019.

Fortunately or unfortunately they had an opportunity to gang up against Sri NaMo’s government and bring about a No Confidence Motion [NCM] and impeachment of the Hon’bl Chief Justice of India [IHCJI] on flimsy imaginary grounds. But to make that possible, proper decorum needs to be maintained. Naturally, no business can be taken up in a raucous din. 

Our beloved Prime Minister is having a hearty laugh. The opposition is getting paid in their own coin. Earlier, Sri NaMo pleaded with them, and the Speaker in both the houses requested the “Honourable” members to maintain propriety for full four years, but to no avail. 

If handful of members can stall Parliament’s functioning for that long, I believe it should be cake-walk for the Government to hedge the proceedings through “other” means [taught by the Opposition themselves] rendering impossible taking up these two vital motions of NC and IHCJI till the time 2019 General Elections are announced when their discussion or outcome would be meaningless.

You sow wind, you reap whirlwind. I hope the opposition mob would have learnt its lesson. It should stand them in good steed from 2019 onwards under Sri NaMo’s second round!  They’d rather behave then.