Experience of Smt Rajeswari with Mahaperiyava

Sage of Kanchi


Thanks to Smt Rajeswari who sent me photos of her hand-written pages about her experience with Mahaperiyava. Thanks to Smt Srividya for typing this in Tamil for me.

It has been a while since I read an article that was written from the heart. Today we see so poetically penned articles praising Periyava etc – they are good too. However a simple, un-exaggerated experience is so nice to read.

It is easier to “say” that we are devotees of Periyava but it takes a long time to surrender to Him. It is easier to say that we all are Kanchi mata viswasis – bringing that to reality is a whole different game. Smt Rajeswari has written a most powerful statement at the end of the article on how we are going everywhere in the world looking for something that is readily available to us in the form of our Kanchi…

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